BSK offers interesting sets of tasks to communications experts with many years of experience who think and act entrepreneurially. Our consultant personalities are distinguished by high quality standards, their hands-on mentality, and the ability to keep a cool head – also in critical situations

They contribute a great deal of experience as journalists and PR and IR managers, think analytically, work as easily independently as in teams, take responsibility for their decisions (including in demanding customer projects), demonstrate enthusiasm, and are fully committed. Does this description fit you? Then we’d very much like to hear from you.

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We offer the following vacancies at present:

Ten good reasons to work together with BSK

  • 1. Analytical consulting approach
  • 2. Clear recommendations
  • 3. Measurable implementation
  • 4. Many years of in-depth experience
  • 5. Tried and tested PR/IR interface expertise
  • 6. Best-quality contacts with media, associations, banks, investors and shareholder groups
  • 7. Long-established, trust-based relationships with clients with high recommendation rates
  • 8. International reach through membership of Plexus network
  • 9. Budget adherence, reliability and discretion
  • 10. A responsive and outgoing team consisting of experienced and proven consultant personalities