Crisis communication

Crisis communication is, first and foremost, fast. Today, critical topics disseminate at lightning speed over the web. In order avert undue damage to vested trust and reputation, as the manager of a company involved in a crisis you need to command a sovereign presence and rapidly establish your position. This means providing transparent information about further developments so that irritated customers and critics feel that they are taken seriously. As specialists in crisis communication, we are rapidly and unbureaucratically at your side in emergency situations. Together with you, we develop a communications roadmap and advise you in all strategic communication decisions. We advise you on crisis communication already ahead of a potential crisis, and ensure you’re prepared for emergency situations.

As part of your crisis communications, we offer you:

  • Ad hoc crisis communication with a crisis team
  • Damage limitation through trust-generating communication
  • Contact with experienced lawyers
  • Continuous analysis and assessment of potential crises
  • Establishing internal structures, responsibilities and processes for crisis prevention and acute crisis management
  • Coaching company spokespeople, executive board members and employees