Social Media Communication

In recent years, communication in social media has undergone a rigorous process of professionalization. Setting up a quick profile with a few posts no longer suffices. Achieving success in the social web requires a strategic approach and a clear concept. Who is the target audience? What are the preferred channels of the target groups? What are our communication goals? What channel-specific content will help us achieve these goals? As a competent and experienced social media manager, we develop a social media concept together with you that is ideally tailored to your requirements. This concept will enable you to reach your specific target groups and keep them loyal to your brand in the long term. We would also be happy to assist you with the operational implementation of the concept and with community management.

As part of your social media communication, we offer you:

  • Definition of the communication goals and specific messages
  • Identification of the target groups
  • Selection of suitable social media channels
  • Definition of the right KPIs for measuring success
  • Development of social media guidelines for all employees
  • Training and support of employees
  • Development of a structured, long-term editorial plan
  • Working out of channel-specific content formats in line with the corporate identity
  • Creative campaigns to enhance public awareness
  • Establishing (coordination) processes together with you
  • Development of social media guidelines for the community management team
  • Active communication with the community
  • Social media crisis communication
  • Ongoing review of the predefined KPIs
  • Permanent assessment of the content formats against the background of the KPIs
  • Regular reporting of all channels