Our team

An interdisciplinary team is active at BSK consisting of experienced PR advisers, journalists, IR specialists and project managers. We operate with a small core team and a fixed team of independent specialists.

Tobias M. Weitzel
Tobias M. WeitzelManaging Director and owner of BSK

After studying political and business journalism, Tobias Weitzel worked for daily newspapers, magazines and companies for many years. He advises companies on both PR and capital market communication, and his core competencies also include developing transaction and crisis communication strategies. He is Managing Director of CREDION AG, a corporate financing specialist – from growth via innovation and transformation and on to restructuring. In addition, Tobias M. Weitzel is also active as Deputy Chairman of the listed company Media and Games Invest plc.

Things I like:
Third Division Bundesliga matches (ever since 1. FC Kaiserslautern has been playing there), loyalty, openness, my regular Friday get-togethers with friends, spending time with friends, travelling with my wife, books that convey a new perspective.

Things I don’t like:
The fact that 1. FC Kaiserslautern no longer plays in the Second Division, Friday evening meetings (apart from my Friday evening get-togethers with friends), boring, conventional discussions.

Jutta Lorberg
Jutta LorbergSenior Consultant and company officer

After obtaining an MA in communication sciences and receiving DAPR certification as an investor relations consultant, Jutta Lorberg gathered extensive experience as a public relations and investor relations adviser – both as team leader at agencies and as interim manager and spokeswoman for companies. She serves clients in all public relations and investor relations matters, including in crisis communication situations, as well as on topics such as CEO positioning, social media and online reputation, for example.

Things I like:
My loud, chaotic family, integrity, good food with the right wine, coffee AND tea (but not at the same time), cooperation with professionals, spending the whole night discussing life, the universe and everything else with friends, Star Trek, The Expanse, Colorado Rockies, books and good music (from classical to pop), singing in a choir, playing the piano, travelling and hiking, yoga, reading my e-newspaper at breakfast time.

Things I don’t like:
Dishonesty, braggers, dilettantes, unreliability, horror films, hard rock and heavy metal, deadlines that are too short, minimalist briefings, disappearing charging cables, and the fact that the night is always too short to finish off the book I am reading.

Anne Weber-Ploemacher
Anne Weber-PloemacherConsultant

After studying political science, Anne Weber-Ploemacher was active as a senior consultant at renowned PR and event agencies for many years, and managing director at BBDO subsidiary agency Sponsor Partners, the specialist for sponsoring, events and public relations. She managed national and international PR and sponsoring projects for global groups such as Volkswagen and Deutsche Telekom, and is a qualified social media manager.

Things I like:
Being out and about in nature, getting to know new countries and cities, cooking with and for friends, visiting art exhibitions, spontaneity, golf and yoga, board games with my children (although I mostly lose), creative rounds where great ideas are developed, TED and Blinkist, people with a sense of humour.

Things I don’t like:
Reading instructions on how to use things, self-promoters, TVs left switched on constantly, unreliability.

Anna Pham
Anna PhamFinance & Controlling

As a financial accountant, Anna Pham keeps a keen overview of the jungle of figures. She prepares our annual financial statements, looks after all tax-relevant announcements, and pays our invoices and salaries.

Things I like:
My BSK team, city trips, spa visits, meditation holidays, dancing, cinema, musicals, interesting discussions about current topics, openness, honesty, tolerance, loyalty.

Things I don’t like:
War, intolerance, workplace harassment, and watching scary TV shows alone.

Birgit Grohmann
Birgit GrohmannManagement Assistant and Project Manager

Birgit Grohmann previously worked as assistant to the management at numerous renowned national and international companies such as Oracle and BMC Software, before moving on to BSK. She is an expert in project management, research and media feedback analysis, and organises events with passion and in a positively calm manner.

Things I like:
The first coffee with milk in the morning, lovely gardens, Simply Red, real Mozartkugel, my “girls” evenings and holidays without our other halves, discovering the Lower Rhine by bicycle, honesty and being straight with people, books into which I can immerse myself completely, my Kärcher high-pressure cleaner, steaks grilled on the barbecue (anything less than 4 cm is a carpaccio according to my chef), summer evenings when you don’t have to wear a jacket, my colleagues, Formula One, House of Cards with dropdead gorgeous Kevin Spacey, my favourite homeless people’s newspaper seller at the local supermarket, bare feet in warm sand, a 1967 Ford Mustang Cabriolet, really good pasta, fits of laughter, not taking myself so seriously.

Things I don’t like:
Leaf blowers and garden vacs, food porn, three lonely pieces of toilet paper left on the roll, schoolmaster types and Sunday drivers in the car ahead of me, show-offs, injustice, cold and wet winters, cabriolet drivers with bad taste in music, crawlers, humour-resistant individuals, spiders and bugs, inside-out socks in the wash, election posters in general, especially those roadhogs blocking your view at junctions, and good songs performed to death on the radio.

Tobias Merklinghaus
Tobias MerklinghausJunior Consultant

Tobias Merklinghaus graduated with an MA in PR & corporate communications with distinction. He had already worked in various communication areas before starting his studies. Tobias was responsible for providing communications support for an event roadshow across Germany, and worked as a freelance PR adviser for various start-ups and trade fairs, among other clients.

Things I like:
My wife and my family on the Baltic Sea, mad discussions about topics that the world doesn’t need, rooting for the team on the South stand in the Dortmund stadium and arriving at work next day “with a cold” (because of the hoarse voice), my Xbox for the evenings when my cheating opponents wind me up, watching sneak previews at the cinema, eating well and amply without needing to exercise it off afterwards, experiencing nature walking or cycling.

Things I don’t like:
Narrow mindedness and a blinkered mentality, chasing every trend, artificially enhanced football teams, eating liver at Greek or Chinese restaurants, commercial product promoters on YouTube.

Nadine Dominik-Rydzewski
Nadine Dominik-RydzewskiManagement Assistant and Project Manager
Nadine Dominik-Rydzewski joined us straight after completing her training at Babcock – and stayed. She monitors media for our customers, prepares media feedback analyses, and researches exciting topics on the web. She also ensures everything runs smoothly in the office.

Things I like:
(Re)discovering the world with my daughter, my husband’s sense of humour, the city of Gelsenkirchen, because everybody gets a warm welcome there – even BVB fans; elephants and discussions that open up new perspectives for me.

Things I don’t like:
Intolerance and narrowmindedness, weeding, just because the backache lasts so long, green cabbage, the shopping trolley of the person behind me in the queue for the supermarket till digging into my back (I still have the backache from the weeding, after all).

Ron Faber
Ron FaberSenior Consultant

Our man in Hamburg: After studying political science in Hamburg and Hull (UK), Ron Faber worked as a journalist and PR editor. He draws on many years’ experience in corporate, product and channel communication for the IT and telecom sector, knows (almost) everything about social media communication, and is a published author.

Things I like:
Finding just the right expression, family recipes, the North Sea, anything by Douglas Coupland, the Baltic Sea, 70s rock &amp, 80s indie music, any other sea, beating the computer at PlayStation, losing against my son.

Things I don’t like:
Not having a straw hat for the “Capri-Sonne” – for everything else, there’s a solution.

Christian Treutler
Christian TreutlerSenior Consultant
Having gained his degrees in business studies and media and communication science, Christian initially worked as a consultant on behalf of agencies. He subsequently joined a well-known retail company where he was heading up the PR department, being responsible for all aspects of conventional and digital media relations. As a certified social media manager, he also knows how to create successful concepts for companies on Facebook and Youtube & Co.

Things I like:
Real friends, Eintracht Frankfurt, a unified Europe which sees itself as more than just a monetary union, integrity, consistency, an ability to laugh at oneself, people who make a stand, food prepared with passion (with wine produced with passion), challenging art, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lisbon.

Things I don’t like:
Vacuous phrases, unjustified arrogance, reactionism, unreliability, foolish conspiracy theories, confirmed “yes” men, faintheartedness, Chardonnay.